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August 2013 Cost effectiveness of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Endometrial Cancer Trial 885Kb Acrobat pdf
April 2013 Telehealth, HE4 in Endometrial Cancer, Cherish Foundation
312Kb Acrobat pdf
October 2012 Green tea to prevent ovarian cancer, BRCA testing, blog 295Kb Acrobat pdf
April 2012 New information videos, iPhone app, Reds v Firebirds 350Kb Acrobat pdf
October 2011 Follow up of gynaecological cancer
 350Kb Acrobat pdf
April 2011 Novel tumour marker HE4 214Kb Acrobat pdf
November 2010 Novel Tumour Narker HE4; Ovarian Borderline Tumours 231kB Acrobat pdf
July 2010 Insurance for high risk patients 238kB Acrobat pdf
April 2010 Prophylaxis of venous thrombosis 238kB Acrobat pdf
Nov 2009 Timing of referrals 282kB Acrobat pdf
March 2009 Clinical trials improve survival 238kB Acrobat pdf
November 2008 New treatment options for ovarian cancer 210kB Acrobat pdf
June 2008 What patients cancer expect 228kB Acrobat pdf
March 2008 Familial Gynaecological Cancer 150kB Acrobat pdf
November 2007 Endometrial Cancer Follow-up 615kB Acrobat pdf
August 2007 Lymphoedema of the lower limbs 48kB Acrobat pdf
May 2007 Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy 54kB Acrobat pdf
February 2007 Ovarian Cancer Screening, Funding for LACE trial 34kB Acrobat pdf
October 2006 Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma on the rise 58kB Acrobat pdf
May 2006 HRT after Gynaecological Cancer 67kB Acrobat pdf
February 2006 News about Endometrial Cancer 351kB Acrobat pdf
November 2005 LACE - "Christmas Edition" 100kB Acrobat pdf
August 2005 Fertility-sparing 343kB Acrobat pdf
June 2005 Ovarian masses 131kB Acrobat pdf